Do being Unorthodox always helps ?

Most of the them believe that orthodox has the right opinion, while unorthodox person doesn’t. But what I believe is Being Unorthodox’s is closer to innovative. They have their own way of doing various things in different manner.

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Even many people have traditional views on what it takes to be successful, is it hard work or smart work and take risks. Not always the intelligence or the person with high IQ level are the successful ones. In order to achieve the target, the path which is more convenient from your point of view is more important.

And when it comes to being Unorthodox ? .. The first name strikes in my mind is of Mahendra Singh Dhoni . Yes, his light fastening stumping technique has took the wicket keeping to another level. And this has worked really well to achieve another level of success in MS Dhoni’s career.

Being unorthodox is also about breaking rules and not following the normal path to get to the peak.One of my favorite quotes by Pablo Picasso says,

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

It seems to be like breaking rule is essential part of Successful Entrepreneurs too . The Entrepreneurs like Mark Zukerberg, Tesla are in list of trying different ways and breaking rules. So be brave to work through your own style and don’t give up.

And so Being Unorthodox always helps!